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Build a ladybug colony, but watch out for the Pesky Flies, Spiders and Praying Mantis. Grab your fly swatter and shoo the flies away and watch out, you don't get splatted in the process. Playing Time: Approx. 30 Mins. Contents: 76 Cards 2 Card Keys Rules Of Play THE PESKY FLY GAME 2-6 Players • Ages 8+
"This was great. My friends and I are in High School and we had a blast playing. I was surprised at how much fun we all had."—Boy, Age 17

"About time someone came up with something new in a card game."—Grandpa, Nevada "One of the best card games ever. This game requires everyone to work together as a team, but you have to work even harder as an individual to win, like my favorite show Survivor.©"—Father, Missouri