The Court of the Black Hood From the days of our ancient past there has been a need for those who were willing to hurt and kill for others like the executioners of the dark and middle ages. The men of the Black Hood who carried out the orders of the church/state. But, about the time of Spain's infamous inquisition both church and state had removed any morality from the proceeding they ordered these, gallows men to perform. The Guild of the Black Hood became the Court of the Black Hood and they turned vigilante against the church/state. They selected from among them three, highly trained and skilled Gallows Men" to be the Court's enforcing right arm in protecting the poor, policing the authorities and making justice a standard once again. Now, 500+ years later, the Court of the Black Hood is still very active; as are their enforcing agents, the Gallows Men: the American, Executioner (sharpshooter/tactician), the Englishman, Hangman (Hojojutsu Master - rope based martial art) & the Japanese Headsman (Honjo Masamune wielding master Swordsman).