Michael Nero is a punk rocker, drug addict & supernatural investigator with a paranormal gift: Nero was born with the Third Sight—the ability to see all planes of existence simultaneously. He also boasts an IQ of 160 & an ability to correlate & deduce facts with supercomputer-like speeds making him world renowned for his investigative & detective work. However he would have long ago succumbed to his own demons and antisocial personality if not for Lugh O’Sidhe (pronounced Lou O’She) aka the White Druid. Lugh O'Sidhe is a half-breed deity—one of the Tuatha de Danann (Celtic Gods of Light & Natures Benevolent aspects) & the Fomorians (Celtic deities of Darkness & Natures malevolent aspects). Thousands of years ago Lugh was chosen to lead the Order of Druids and be the Protector of the Realm. In that time he has become the Omenverse’s Mystical Grandmaster. Lugh is one of the Guardians of the Elayim Tree (pronounced E-lay-im), the sacred order which guards & protects time/space (the Elayim Tree). As such Lugh is devoted to civility, order, fate, the circular nature of all things & the rule of natural law.